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This site is a part of my project 'The Publisher', a novel. You have always wanted to write a book, but you are there for various reasons never got? Maybe you do not believe, you were too little encouraged, you did not know how to go about it? Leopold Beer, scion of a family of publishers, also wants to be a writer, but pressed on the matter, he is not ready. He is constantly distracted and ... I can, of course, more to say, but you can also. You seem in many ways to Leopold Beer. You can write, but you are not encouraged to go further. Your experiences and topics are interesting, yet dare you not to trust to paper. Why not? The life of publisher Leopold Beer changes drastically when he is interviewed during a book launch by Microphone girl Monique. His life, his work in publishing then take a decisive turn. He's still busier than before. Will Leopold Beer ever finish his groundbreaking bestseller? That I do not have to tell, you know the problem, you know that yourself ... ()  You can order The publisher on and

Bert Bakker
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